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A warm welcome to old friends and new!

Allow me to be your guide in your quest for freedom and liberation, we can access dimensions and identify previously unknown blocks or interference. Clearing them from your systems and bodies (physical and non-physical). This ‘plows the road’ for your personal discipline and creation to become exponentially more effective.

Are you in a Dysfunctional Relationship with The Duality……..?

So much effort and focus is spent on trying to balance ourselves within the Duality.  Maybe that’s not our job at all. Maybe our job is to remember and understand our True relationship to the Duality.  


This work begins by reaching out to Ann


Three and a Breath



If you feel that you are experiencing unwanted life patterns or looping programs this could be where your next breakthrough occurs. Most personal progress comes from the place of 'what you don't know that you don't know'. 



$350 USD

1x 90-minute initial session

**60-minute follow up sessions ($150)



$650 USD

1x 90-minute initial session ($350)

3x 60-minute follow up sessions ($150)




Personalized support designed for comprehensive transformation.

Reach out if your ready for profound change.

Limited spots available.



$1,200 USD
(Initial Session required)

Exploring personal history

4x 1:1 90-minute sessions

4x recorded meditations and guidance


  This offering will give us an opportunity to explore your personal lineage.  Following the Female and Masculine physical lines will guide the way for clearings and releases. Allowing us to Regather and Restore your personal frequencies and Coherency via your Spiritual Lineage and supporting future lineage as well. A total of 8 sessions



Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

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The Doorway to your Breakthrough


Feedback from clients show that support during the integration period is key for continued progress. The Introduction package fills that need. 1 initial session and 3 follow up sessions over a 30-90 day timeframe will help you anchor in the personal change you’ve been asking for. Typically sessions are audio only since we will be working with eyes closed, accessing quantum fields and all the bodies.

You should have a quiet space prepared and a headset for being hands-free is necessary. Preparing an intention for our time together is also key. Your intention can cover any area of your life. We will go over your intention at the beginning of the call. Then we drop into altered Space and go as directed. You are an active participant each time. Using your body cues and your internal vision to help guide the experience.


Don’t worry if you don’t ‘feel’ things or ‘see’ things, everyone’s skill level is adequate for the space and for a session to achieve breakthroughs.

The System of Singularity

The System of Duality

Moves like the murmuration of a flock of birds or school of fish

Moves like pulse or a throb, back and forth, front to back, or in small circles

Sensations are more subtle than the Duality but also more real

Sensations are like being at a carnival or on the Vegas Strip. Bells, lights, whistles — all seeking to distract

Sensation of having The All/The Everything right at your back and you are held and nestled by Oneness

Sensation of being in the ‘midst’ of a pulse or throb

It is ordered

It is disordered but pretends that disorder is order

It is Coherency

It is incoherent but pretends that incoherency is coherent

It Knows

It knows nothing but pretends it wants to learn

It Be’s

It has no beingness but seeks to prove


No surety - everything changes - always - claiming surety via change

Sensations are mature/grown up/adult. Like knowing you have plenty of money in the bank to pay all the bills easily.

Sensations are immature/childish/petty. Like always being a child that is mesmerized by the lights of the carnival. 

Explaining Duality and Singularity as Systems


The Yin Yang has been used as an example of balance within the Duality. What has been shown to me over the years of releasing dimensional interference is that this symbol actually AFFIRMS the separation, interference and dysfunctional nature of the duality. The Duality's nature of ceaseless oscillation shreds the Divine Being. In effect, the symbol is a tribute to destroyed Divinity.  

The key power to this visual is when the petals of the Yin Yang rejoin themselves and begin their dance and journey BACK to Wholeness. Restored. Rejuvenated. Coherent. Ordered. One.

There was a time when we fully knew the restored state of Singularity. Allow the visual nature of the video to settle within your being, healing, soothing and giving balm to all your bodies.  




A little bit about me and my journey and how we could work together. I am a seeker. I also came into this incarnation wired for dimensional access. What does that look like? We each choose our families that we are born into. The family I chose was sort of like a raucous frat party. No one else around me was experiencing their world the way I was. This led me to exploring many different healing modalities for my own relief.

I have attended many courses that are offered here on the planet with physical teachers. I have been to India, initiated as a Oneness Trainer, completed courses in Pranic therapy and Pranic Psychotherapy with Master Choa Kok Sui and Master Co, Mystery school initiations, The Gift, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mastermind groups, supported engaged couples in marriage prep for 10 years ~~ all part of my personal quest.

But most of my ‘teachers’ have been non-physical or in other words, dimensional. This has offered me a unique perspective. I don’t have a guru. I don’t have a group. I am unattached to a particular teaching or system. I have been free to explore and go further on my own than I would be able to in a group. This has greatly benefited me and my family and now it can help you too.


The Aura Photograph uniquely showing spiritual cord and the vibrant team around me. Also showing the 80’s hair lol!



  • Balancing Relationships

  • New Understandings

  • Shifts

  • Personal Sharings

Yummii Nguyen, Parenting Coach 


Working with Ann is like remembering Home...she is the one I call when it's time to up-level.

Shaunay Cotton 


The effectiveness of the Customizable Intensive has been beyond anything I could imagine…the ability to work in real time has been incredible.


Ruth M.

United States

“Ann is simply put, amazing.  Her dimensional insight and gifts are helping me to discover limiting subconscious beliefs and behaviors.  She works with an unbelievable team and together we have shed those limitations as they unfold.  I am moving into more ease, evolvement, new potentials, new positive changes! Thank you Ann!"

Dr. Lauren Woodman

Dr. Lauren Woodman


"Ann is one of those rare and gifted facilitators that you end up raving to your friends about. She has an incredible ability to accurately tune into people, patterns and situations and provide helpful insights, reflections and energetic shifts. I always end up feeling clearer, more aware and balanced after a session. She is incredible at helping you find your blind spots and explain situations which can feel unclear, painful or overwhelming.

I have seen numerous healers and therapists and can highly recommend Ann. She is an essential part of my support team. If you are on the fence, jump off and book a session -- she's amazing and you will feel amazing for it too."


Stephanie L, Hypnotherapist

United States

“Was a great powerful session. Wow! yes I’m excited! Yes! I’m glad I did it and Yes I will refer people!!”

Jonathan Plante



"Describing the magnitude of Wholeness that working with Ann brings me is definitely not an easy task.  Nonetheless, it is the result of my experience working with her.  There is absolutely no end to the benefits of this work.  And yes, it is work.  Every session is a deep dive into your inner mechanism, leading to the removal of limiting beliefs and self perpetuated restrictions.  Without any doubt, this process is supporting me in my journey to transcend my condition and reach a level of balance never experienced before."

KatCederberg-5x7 (2).jpeg

Kat Cederberg, Psych-K Facilitator

United States

"I have worked with Ann on more than one occasion and have always had the blocks that I was experiencing cleared!  As an energy healing practitioner I know how important it is to do my own work so when I get stuck it's nice to have a team of people that I can turn to.  Ann is on that team!" (214) 883-1710


Monica W.

United States

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve continued to experience MAJOR shifts in my being/experience/world/cosmic view. I’ve been spending A LOT of time in the ‘all is well/nothing is a problem’. I had a reading done in Sedona and the lady seemed completely ‘wow’ed’ by my big bright, wide open, clear channel. I give lots of credit for this to our time together.” 


Abby P., MD

United States

"Ann has helped me through times of emotional turmoil and I’m always very grateful for our discussions. She is extremely passionate about what she does. She cares deeply for her clients and she gets great results.” 

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